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Mantapkan Hati

Memang ada yang Maha membolak-balikkan hati. Tapi bukan berarti kita tidak bisa berusaha untuk bisa menjaga hati.

#JokoWinElection is currently trending on twitter.

It's Election day in my country. Many quick counts result are appearing here and there and somehow people are screaming about that like crazy. Meanwhile, i was watching a movie while #JokoWinElection popped on my twitter trending section. Who...

Orchid Forest, not suicide forest

The sky was bright. I have confident that it'll be a sunny day but then the nature speaks different. A big rain coming up on our way there. Luckily, it didn't last long. Orchid Forest Cikole, located in West...


I'ts been a good time for a while now. I managed to get things sorted, and now i decide to do couple business and really manage things by myself. Well, it's not all smooth like butter, but i guess...

New year bullsh**.

It's Feb 2019, and somehow this blog is still alive. I feel like this is the most long-lasting personal blog that i ever made since the last time when i was on junior high school. There's nothing much going...

I just realized. I’m a Wanderer.

It's December already, the end of the year. A month where most of the people celebrate with 'joy' and 'happiness'. Well, there are some people who doesn't actually care about the month and just live it like usual. As...

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Read my mind

I wrote what’s in my head, maybe even what’s in my heart. Sometimes. I dunno… And yes, it’s not always gonna be in English. Also me suky suky at writing.